“I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will have the light

of life and will never walk in darkness.” (John 8.v12)

By recognising that we are all made in the image and likeness of God we seek to promote the growth towards wholeness of all those who share in the life of our school.

Each member of our community is unique and has individual gifts and needs. We affirm the diversity of each member. We seek to strengthen relationships through mutual tolerance, respect and understanding.

School staff, priests, parents, governors and children will work in partnership with each other to build a Catholic community of worship. Through assemblies, religious lessons, class and school masses we will have the opportunity to celebrate God’s love, as a family, in an atmosphere of forgiveness, tolerance and mutual support.

The curriculum in all its aspects has Christ at the centre. It should be planned as an enabling framework in which all pupils have the opportunity to develop their potential to the full within all areas of experience and especially the spiritual. This will be ensured by the respect shown by the teachers and pupils for the appropriate truths and conclusions relevant to each curriculum area.

We wish to acknowledge that the quality of life for each of our children is enriched by the quality of the relationships between home, school, parish and the wider community. We recognise that it is the responsibility of each of us, to ensure that theinterdependence of home, school, parish and the wider community is constantly nurtured, refreshed and sustained.



Aims of the Mission Statement

For all members of our school community to serve others in the name of Our Lord and so foster a family atmosphere and caring Christian environment.

To sustain and develop the unique relationship between home, school and parish.

To develop prayer, worship and liturgy as real spiritual and educational experiences.

To affirm and build upon individual and collective faith within our school community in accordance with the Roman Catholic faith.

To sustain and develop our management and organisation and so build efficient communication throughout all sections of the school community.

To maintain and develop a broad and balanced curriculum which is placed within a Catholic setting and has regard to legislation.

To develop self worth and self-discipline and so foster an attitude of love and respect towards others and our environment.

To promote the development of all sections of our school community and individuals therein, through identification of needs.

To maintains in so far as is possible a physical environment which is stimulating, safe and comfortable.

To use all our resources to the best of our ability in the achieving of our mission.

The Mission of the School

SS Osmund and Andrew’s is within the network of Catholic schools in the Salford Diocese and is primarily intended for the children of St Osmund’s Parish.

The school, in partnership with the clergy and parents, is committed to the development of the whole child by fostering in a supportive, Catholic atmosphere, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, moral and social growth.

It strives to nurture the Christian values of love and respect for others in the school, parish, local and world communities.