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Aerial photo of our school. To the right of the school is Withins Drive with Winchester Way joining at the top.

Photo of our school taken from the playground end of the school.

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St. Andrews is a small Primary School with 170 children aged between 5 and 11 years and a Nursery. Our classes are identified by colours of the rainbow, six classes in all, RED, ORANGE and YELLOW classes in KS1, GREEN, BLUE and INDIGO classes in KS2.

GREEN CLASS - Year 3/4 BLUE CLASS - Year 4/5 INDIGO CLASS - Year 5/6

St. Andrews is in the Parish of St Osmunds, Breightmet, Bolton and in the Diocese of Salford.  The school was first opened in 1960 and was originally called St. Patricks but was later re-named St. Andrews.

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St. Andrews R.C. Primary School was recently inspected, OFSTED inspectors found...

"A strong teaching force, talented support staff, very good leadership and good relationships" praised in the recent inspection report on St. Andrews from OFSTED.  The inspectors found that the school "successfully provides pupils with a broad and often exciting curriculum"  Standards of children achieving in the Nursery Class through to Year 6 are in line with national expectations, and Information Technology at Key Stage 2  and P.E. at Key Stage 1 are better than national expectations.  The inspectors recognised that the children at St. Andrews have positive attitudes to work and play and show respect to others.  They found children polite, friendly and helpful  and found personal development was evident.

Parental satisfaction with the school was high and parents were praised for the valuable contribution they make to the children's education.

A Religious Education inspection was carried out by the Salford Diocese who found the school has a clear sense of purpose and vision with high expectations of all.  The report makes clear the self esteem and personal dignity of pupils is valued and fostered.


Our School Prayer

This is our school

Let it be full of love

Love of one another

Love of life itself

But most of all

The love of Jesus Christ, our Lord