Safe Searching!

If you are looking for something, try these search engines!

Yahooligans- A simple and safe search engine for ages 8-14.


Type in keywords you are searching for. Separate words with a +.
Eg. Ancient+Greece or games+tips.

Ask Jeeves for Kids - First searches a database of selected sites; then conducts a parallel search filtered through SurfWatch.

Enter a key word first and then this site allows you to "ask" Jeeves particular questions relating to the topic you are searching for.

Kids' AOL NetFind_Uses the power of AOL's NetFind but filters for safe content. For the best results, type in more than one word and put AND in between them. For example: games AND chess.

Disney's DIG Searcher- Searches's archives of articles on children's activities.

KidsClick! - A database of thousands of sites compiled by librarians.
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Searchopolis- Uses the Bess database to eliminate objectionable content; uses the Inktomi database of Web sites to provide comprehensive search results.

SafeSearch Internet search- Employs on-the-fly ratings technology. Set here for age 13 filtering.

Awesome Library- The Awesome Library organizes your exploration of the World Wide Web with 12,000 carefully reviewed resources.
Awesome Library

EdView SmartZone - A database of education-related sites

Education World - Search a database of over 56,000 education-related sites

StudyWEB - Search a collection of over 100,000 education-oriented URLs