Meet the staff at S.S. Osmund and Andrew's


STAFF 2005 – 2006


 Headteacher:                        Mr J Thorpe

Deputy Headteachers:          Mrs J Haynes             Key Stage 2, Assessment, SATs, SEN

                                                Mrs M Roe                Key Stage 2, SENCO, Literacy


Teaching Staff:                      Miss A O’Carroll         EAY, RE

                                                Miss S Thorne             Manager EAY St Andrew’s site

                                                Mrs S Tootill               EAY, Gifted and Talented

                                                Mrs U Sydall               Key Stage 1, History

                                                Mrs S Worthington      Key Stage 1, Literacy

                                                Mrs J Gregory             Key Stage 1, SATs, Music

                                                Mr A Murphy              Key Stage 1, SATs, Numeracy, Science

                                                Mr S Macdonald         Key Stage 2, ICT

                                                Mrs M Settle               Key Stage 2, ICT, Geography, DT

                                                Mrs C Bell                  Key Stage 2, Art

                                                Mr D Proctor              Key Stage 2, PE

                                                Mr S Kay                    Key Stage 2, SATs

                                                Mrs A Cathery            SEN

                                                Mrs J Devine               Drama

                                                Mrs P Munro              Learning Mentor Key Stage 2

                                                Mrs B McDonald        Key Stage 2


Classroom Support:               Mrs G Diggle              NTA -NVQ LVL 2 and LVL 3

                                                Mrs S Gibson             NNEB -NVQ LVL 2 AND LVL 3

                                                Mrs M Lucan              NTA

                                                Mrs N Buckley            SNA- BTEC NAT CERT

                                                Mrs C Holt                  SNA – BSC, Specialist practitioner

                                                Mrs A Horrocks          SNA – NNEB Qualification

                                                Mrs A Eckersley          SNA – Counselling skills Level 2, SEN LVL 3

                                                Mrs T Jones                NTA

                                                Mrs B Hynes               SNA – City & Guilds Lit L2

                                                Miss J Waring              SNA, NVQ 2 City & Guild Numeracy & Lit

                                                Mrs J Stead                 SNA – SEN L1 AND L2, City & guilds Lit

                                                Mrs S Blackburn          NNEB – City & Guilds Lit Lvl 2, First Aid

                                                Miss D Hill                   NNEB – Lit Lvl 2, Child Psychology, NVQ                 

                                                                                    Lvl 3, Adv Cert Learning Support

                                                Mrs A Rawlinson         NTA – Childcare NVQ3, PCSC, First Aid,

                                                Mrs D Rowson            NTA – CACHE Childcare, NVQ2,

                                                                                    NVQ 3, First Aid, Buff, CLAIT, IBT 2

                                                Mrs J White                 NTA – Word Processing Lvl 1, Childcare


Administrative Staff:            Mrs M Forgione

                                                Mrs Y Franks              BA (Hons)


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