Hi Surfers!Welcome to our lunchtime and after school ICT Club!

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At the ICT club we learn more about using computers and we get the chance to try out new software!   We have been learning about using the INTERNET, how it works and how it can help us in our lessons.  Some children in Indigo Class (Year 5/6) have helped to design our school Website!

Now we are working on our super whole school INTRANET!

Latest Projects.....

Video Production Project

We have had a great time filming events in and outside of school and then using Video Editing Software to produce professional quality videos and CDs.  We use a Sony DV Camcorder and 'Movieshaker' Software.  Some children in Indigo Class have also produced some super animations using Webcams and Animation Software.

Making Music

In computer club we get the chance to cut our tracks using 'Top of the Pops' and 'E-Jay'.  We have made some super tracks and even produced our own video clips to go with them!

New Zealand Mural Project

Children in Indigo Class have designed a mural which shows what life in our town was like in Victorian Times.  This will be sent digitally by E mail to a school in Auckland, New Zealand.  The children in Auckland will then paint the Mural themselves and make it a feature in their city.  We are now starting to E mail messages to our friends in Auckland and next we are going to set up a Video Conference between the schools.

Wriggly Worm Project  

We have been taking part in an on-line community project called 'Wriggly Worm World Books'.  This cool site lets us talk to the characters of famous books on-line. We can have chats, ask questions and publish our own work onto the website.  All the junior children are involved and each class has it's own book title to read.  Indigo Class are reading 'The Secret Garden', Blue Class are reading 'Stig of the Dump' and Green Class will enjoy 'The Lion. the Witch and the Wardrobe'.  Why not visit the site!

School Intranet Project

St Andrew's now have a Whole School Network and  Interactive Whiteboards!

We have been designing our school intranet which lets us publish our work for everyone in school to see. The school network has given us some exciting projects to try.  We have been trying out Video Conferencing using our new Webcams!

Check out our Live Webcam Broadcasts from St Andrews!

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Previous Projects:

Children from our ICT Club were invited to take part in the Bolton L.E.A. ICT Exhibition at the Moat House Hotel in Bolton.  Children from St. Andrews demonstrated to visitors how ICT is used in the classroom .

 " We used three computers on our stand, one to show visitors our Website and the other two to demonstrate how we use software"  explained Rachel in Green Class.  

Please CLICK HERE to see photos of us at the exhibition


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