The Webcam Page!

Webcams are great fun!  At St.Andrew's we use webcams in our ICT Suite and classrooms to video conference over the school network and record our own short video clips.  We also have our own live webcam!

Check out these great live Webcams from all over the world!

Earthcam for kids!
Live Webcam images from towns and cities all over the world!
Live Webcam from the London Aquarium!
Virtual Safari - live images from waterholes in Wildlife Reserves in South Africa.
Science Cams
Check out these super Science and Nature Webcams like VolcanoCam, PandaCam, ButterflyCam!
Bolton Institute Webcam
Live pictures of Bolton Town Centre.
More Live Webcam images from towns and cities all over the world!
Yellowstone's Webcams
Yellowstone National Park in the USA.
BBC Webcams
Great Webcam site!  Choose live images from towns, cities, radio and T.V. Studios and even roads and motorways!
Interactive Webcams - You are in control!

Remotely control the camera to pan, tilt and zoom!

Sydney Harbour, Australia
Great views of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House - are in control!
Great views of Dubai in the hot desert - control the camera yourself!
Point and click anywhere in the picture to move the camera, you can visit different parts of the zoo!
Niagra Falls
Great views of Niagra Falls in Canada, click on 'Control the Camera' to take full control yourself! 
St Bernard and Lake Tremblant Winter Resort
Point and click the panoramic views then point and click again to visit different parts of the Winter Resort. Super High Resolution camera to control yourself!