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Grammar for Writing CD
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Powerpoint Presentations to use with Interactive Whiteboards


Singular and Plural

Writing Prompt Cards and Posters  (Word Format)

   Level 1 - 2C   Level 3C - 3A
   Level 2C - 2B   Level 3B - 3A
   Level 2B - 2A   Level 3A - 4C
   Level 2A - 3C   Level 4C +

Key Words and Vocabulary Flash Cards / Display (Word format)

  Year 2 / 3 Keywords   Vocabulary
  Year 4 Keywords

Keyword Spelling or Reading Assessment (Word Format)

  Year 2 word grid 1 (1 - 60)   Year 3/4 word grid 1 (1 - 60)
  Year 2 word grid 2 (61 - 120)   Year 3/4 word grid 2 (61 - 120)
  Year 2 word grid 3 (121 - 157)
  Blank word grid 1 (1 - 60)   Blank word grid 2 (61 - 120) logo
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The IT in Primary Literacy

The IT in Primary Literacy is a teacher friendly resource book produced by the Bolton LEA Curriculum ICT Centre.  The book deals with the planning of IT for literacy from Reception to Year 6 and includes activities and ideas for each term.  Click HERE to see samples of the book!