Numeracy at St. Andrews


Children at St. Andrews are taught Numeracy through the National Numeracy Strategy supported by the L.C.P. Scheme of Work in KS1 and KS2!

Maths and Numeracy Websites for Parents, Kids and Teachers!

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Bolton LEA Numeracy Centre
 resource site!
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Spreadsheet Activities!

Download some great resources to use in Excel!

  Green Class Funky Function Machine!   Magic Squares!
  The Rules Game!  (Year 3/4)    Adding and Subtracting Squares!

The ICT in Primary Numeracy

St Andrews have been busy evaluating software, looking at Web Links and thinking of ideas for using ICT in the Numeracy Hour!

The BOLTON CURRICULUM ICT CENTRE have now produced an excellent resource book called "THE ICT IN PRIMARY NUMERACY"  Children and Staff at St Andrews have played an important part in the development of the book.

The book gives tasks and ideas based on specific software for using  ICT in Numeracy from Reception to Year 6.  Top Tips on using the software and photocopyable sheets make this book a valuable resource for teaching numeracy in the classroom.

Contact the BOLTON CURRICULUM ICT CENTRE  if you would like a copy!    (Tel: 01204 - 366497)